Fit Kids Leader Board

See how your team is doing against all of the teams registered.

The Big Sky Fit Kids Leader Board displays the average number of activity miles and fruit and vegetable servings per team. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team.

Date Posted: 04/16 01:11am

Team Name Average Miles* Average Servings* Organization City
1joliet7thgradem249.6371.93Joliet SchoolJoliet
2joliet7thgradet379.1131.61Joliet SchoolJoliet
3joliet8thgradem261.1732.53joliet SchoolJoliet
4joliet8thgradet303.6255.23Joliet SchoolJoliet
5rasmussen25.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
6thornburg25.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
7limberis21.0021.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
8hammer20.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
9stultz20.005.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
10parks31.0014.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
11byrne40.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
12larsen0.000.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
13lorirobin30.0020.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
14wiggington20.0017.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
15mrcriner40.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
16msdupea50.0020.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
17bahles50.0025.00Cayuse PrairieKalispell
19galatagophers104.2564.70Galata Elementary SchoolGalata
20lockwoodlions73.3324.67Lockwood High SchoolBillings
21cunningham4thgrade228.00115.80Arrowhead ElementaryBillings
23broncs285.0060.50Willow Creek ElementaryWillow Creek
24pirates1102.898.34Power SchoolsPower
25pirates252.897.68Power SchoolsPower

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1). Miles are calculated based on the total activity hours (1 hour = 5 miles).