Get your entire school involved for one continuous activity for a chance to win.


Complete the online registration for your school's activity. Only one registration per school is required.


Your activity must be 30 minutes or more of continuous physical activity by May 3rd.


Activity coordinator reports back the number of students and details about the activity by May 9th.

September 14 - October 31

The goal of Fall Fit Kids Day is to get kids more aerobic activity. Can your class or after school group get an EXTRA 30 minutes of activity within one week? Thirty minutes of aerobic activity can be performed in one session or can be broken down into daily segments.

$500 Cash Drawing (for healthy lifestyle programming)

How Does it Work?

The coordinator organizing the activity registers online prior to the activity (only one registration per group is required, multiple registrations within one school accepted).
When you've completed your activity, the coordinator reports back the number of students that participated and some details about the activity. We would love to see photos of your activity or even a video; but, be creative and get social. Each group that achieves 100% participation will be entered into a drawing to win a cash reward for your school. There is no rain date, so please have an alternative plan if an outdoor activity gets cancelled.

Important Dates:

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