Big Sky Fit Kids

Encouraging Healthy Habits
for Montana Kids at Home and School

A FREE activity and nutrition program for Montana youth

The 3 month program, from February 1 — May 1, is a positive way to teach Montana youth about the importance of being physically active while increasing the amount of fruit and vegetable servings.

Creating a Change in Culture

Encouragement can come it a variety of forms from different people in your life.

Team Captains

Captains can be school teachers, program directors, activity club organizers; anyone that meets with kids on a regular basis. Captains form and register teams of a minimum of 10 individuals, and are responsible for keeping the team motivated and logging activity.


The program is open for Montana kids in grades K-6. Students are encouraged to start incorporating more physical activity and fruit/vegetable servings into their daily routine. A minimum of 60 minutes of activity is required per day to log.


Parents can get involved by supporting the student outside of the Fit Kids team. This can be helping the student track and log their activity at home or getting the entire family involved by eating more nutritious meals and scheduling more family activities.

Start by Registering your Team or Login to start Logging your Activity

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